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If you’re tired of the stock market rollercoaster, and manipulation, and you want to diversify your portfolio into real assets, I can help you easily step into direct real estate ownership and the subsequent tax benefits.

Real estate is one of the most stable and time tested investment vehicles. As a productive hard asset its also a great protective hedge against inflation.

Investing in real estate, the right way, can supercharge your net worth, create a passive income and produce generational wealth.
Why should you invest in multifamily real estate

Here's How Passive Real Estate Investing With Opulent Capital Works

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As a real estate syndication company, Opulent Capital will do all the hard work to identify new multifamily passive real estate investment opportunities – both on and off-market. By leveraging our experience and relationships, we are able to bring strong and lucrative opportunities to our passive investors.

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Once a strong multifamily investment opportunity is identified, we then ensure the deal is viable for our investors. This means achieving necessary returns as well as identifying all parties in the real estate syndication. After our vigorous process, any multifamily investment opportunity that still meets our requirements is then put together into a packaged offering for our passive investors.

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Opulent Capital's passive investors will easily review and analyze the passive investment offering. Upon reviewing, investors may easily participate in the real estate syndication offering by completing the necessary paperwork and wiring their investment. Once an individual’s funds are processed, they will immediately become an equity partner within the multifamily investment property.

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As profits from the property are generated, passive investors will receive monthly distributions according to their percentage of equity in the property. Along with collecting monthly passive income, our investors will receive monthly updates from Opulent Capital regarding their multifamily investment!


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